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This series of questions and answers addresses those common issues which arise in many DUI Defense Cases. Our DUI Frequently Asked Questions and answers are intended for informational purposes only.

DUI Defense Team

DUI Defense Team

There are many DUI defense tactics available. In every case there are usually several defenses your attorney can use to help you avoid the most serious penalties.

Free 30 Minute Consult

Free 30 Minute Consult

We offer a free 30 minute case evaluation. An attorney will guide you through our DUI questionnaire which is intended to identify issues with the State's case and potential defense strategies.

What separates DUI Law Group from other DUI defense law firms? Put simply, we are experienced trial attorneys and we employ the best and brightest criminal defense investigators in the industry. Not all DUI defense attorneys perform their own due diligence. Even if you are guilty of the charges, it is critical to the outcome of your case that your defense team conduct a thorough investigation. As a rule, we investigate every claim presented by the DA and we dig up every bit of exculpatory evidence we can find. We also review the conduct of the stop which led to the arrest. One mistake by the arresting officer can unravel their entire case. We employ in-house investigators who have years of experience conducting DUI defense investigations. You may think that there is no way out. However, we know how to poke just enough holes in the DA’s case to get the best possible result for our clients which in many cases is a dismissal of the charges or a lesser charge.

Many criminal defense attorneys hold themselves out as DUI attorneys, however, very few attorneys specialize in DUI Defense. We are specialists. From the moment you hire our law firm to the day your case ends, we will take care of every step of the process. Each DUI case involves challenging factual issues and scientific analysis. We are experts in criminal law, constitutional law and administrative law proceedings. We will provide the legal and scientific analysis needed to get you the best possible result.   Do not go it alone. Representing the defense in a DUI case presents significant challenges even for the most experienced attorney.

How soon should you hire a seasoned DUI attorney in Denver, Colorado? You should contact a DUI attorney immediately after your arrest/citation and before entering a plea. By law you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Do not make a statement to a police officer, judge or court official before speaking to an DUI attorney. Before you speak to anyone else you should have an attorney review the facts and circumstances of your alleged drunk-driving offense. There are usually several defenses to your drunk driving charge which you may never have considered before speaking to an attorney. Following are several reasons why you should contact a DUI / DWAI attorney right away.

A seasoned criminal law attorney will know how to defend against all the different forms of evidence a prosecution must present in every DUI case including: the officer’s observations at the scene, field sobriety tests, blood alcohol tests and breathalyzers. Sometimes it will not make sense to go to trial and the best result will be a plea bargain. An experienced litigator will know when to accept a plea and when to take the case to trial. Attorney Bill Foster will use his litigation experience to level the playing field and get you the best possible result.

While all DUI charges in Colorado are misdemeanors, the offense of Drunk Driving has become politically charged topic in recent years. Organizations such as Mother’s Against Driving Drunk (MADD) have pushed their agenda into the courtroom. Prosecutors are now pushing for more extreme forms of punishment for drunk-driving offenses.  You could receive a long probation term, required community service and large court fines, and be forced to undergo expensive drug related counseling. A DUI could also have a negative impact on your career depending on your profession. Getting to and from work can be much more time-consuming and expensive without a driver’s license.

In some cases your alleged alcohol level at the time of the arrest may have been so high that your driver’s license will be revoked. Fortunately, Colorado is one of only five states that does not have a felony DUI statute.

In Colorado you could face a DWAI which means your blood alcohol level was at least .05 or a DUI (.08)  or DUI per se (higher than .08).

By hiring one of our DUI attorneys in Denver to defend you, we will lessen the impact the DUI has on your life as much as possible.